Novelty Heels

Jun 4, 2012 | Fashion | 0 comments








When it comes to building a shoe collection, I’ve learned to err on the side of versatile. My 20s were spent in search of heels that were fabulous, full of attitude, and totally impractical. Predictably, none accompanied me into my 30s. From the hot pink stiletto Blahniks (back when neon made another push into mainstream style), to the most ridiculous black patent and suede platform peep toe Louboutins that limited my mobility to 2 city blocks (on a good day), all remnants of my fantasy collection ended up in consignment. However, one pair of novelty heels remain: navy blue suede and raffia platform sandals from Prada’s Spring/Summer 09 Runway Collection. Every woman should own at least one pair..

Reminding myself that I already have that one, it took a lot of willpower to not order these newly reduced Miu Miu wedges. In terms of practicality, I advise sticking with a Summer shoe, one that won’t get damaged by cold weather elements and, among that selection, a platform wedge is the most comfortable. If the glitter finish is a bit too much, the same style is available in a more subdued brown leather.


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