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Feb 19, 2015 | Interior Design | 9 comments


Every interior project requires addressing the window issue, which sounds like this: ‘Yo! What are we going to do with the windows?’

It’s very technical.

All joking aside, window decor can be a major budget breaker so the decisions made around it really matters. Many interior designers make bold, beautiful window panels (aka curtains) a calling card of their work, and while I fully appreciate the aesthetic value they add to each space, I have a very hard time budgeting a couple thousand this way. And since I’m always in search of alternative and creative ideas, lately I’ve been implementing painted window trim into some of my work.

If you can’t stomach spending $3-5k* on custom shades or panels but still want your windows to pop and look finished, painting them might be the answer. The design mojo of a bold color (pictured above) is obvious. A neutral (below) finishes the room beautifully. I’ve used both a bold (dark blue) and a neutral (pale green) in recent properties and I know this trend will continue. Look for photos of these properties in the Spring!

*And that is on the very low end. More windows or larger windows or both? You could easily drop $10,000 and up.


Images via Stellar Interior Design and Decor Pad. 



  1. Jennifer Preddy Egbert

    I love the navy sofa with orange accent

    • Dana

      I was thinking the same thing Jen. Where is the navy sofa from?

      • Liz Finkelstein

        I don’t know for sure, but it looks custom to me.

  2. Erika Andresen

    Love the orange!

  3. Shannon Sunderland


  4. Mile High Style

    Thanks guys- but to be clear, the room pictured is *not* one of mine. I’ll have mine photographed and ready to share in a few months! 🙂

  5. Kate Lacroix

    what a clever title.


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