Style Theory Part I

Aug 8, 2013 | Interior Design | 0 comments

Mile High Style incorporates both fashion and home styling as they are two bookends on the same shelf; to improve style in either area, the same rules apply. Lately, among my home clients, I’ve been observing the misconception that a few new pieces can transform a room from humdrum into fabulous. Moreover, I’ve come into a bit of (good natured) conflict with clients and friends over my position that if style transformation is the goal, then an overhaul is required. This is a somewhat polarizing position because overhauls (of a closet, a room, an entire home) are time consuming, laborious, and expensive. It’s not possible to achieve suitably decent style with just a few new pieces? From my vantage point, I’m sorry to say it’s not.

Imagine the current state of your wardrobe. If you’re like most women, it varies between disappointing and somewhat passable. Now imagine that I give you these 5 new incredible pieces: a gold cuff, a big girl bag, a kickass heel, a favorite scarf, and a versatile and stylish coat. Same wardrobe, 5 new pieces. Would it become any easier to get dressed in the morning? Would you suddenly have an outfit for every occasion? Would your wardrobe become versatile and timeless? If this experiment played out in real life, you would find that nothing would change. Without altering the foundation, any additional ornamentation is moot.

The same logic applies to your home. The 5 new items are now a few throw pillows, a new rug, a decor piece, a plant, and a lamp. These additions, while all unique and stylish, won’t change your couch being outdated/the unattractive paint on the walls/the lack of art/the need for window treatments/the clutter/the heavy feeling in the room/the lack of cohesive overall style/any additional complaints I’ve heard from clients and friends over the years. Addition is not substitution.

The news is not all bad. Please look for Part II of this post later in the week, where I’ll outline how to overhaul one room or an entire house.



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