Stylish Spring Coats

Apr 26, 2013 | Fashion | 5 comments










Judging by the feedback I’m getting from clients, friends, random people on the street, no one owns a suitable Spring coat. This doesn’t surprise me in the least; a seasonal coat is one of those unexciting, functional items that no one desires, so it remains a missing piece.

I’m here to help. Zara has the most comprehensive selection of stylish jackets for this season (including the one pictured) for very attractive prices. If you’re looking for a trench, I recommend cropped, and for a coat with a little more oomph, try leather.



  1. Kate Bailey

    Stylish and affordable spring coats are so difficult to come by, and price is important particularly since our springtime is so short in CO. Wonderful insight. Thank you!

  2. Stephanie O.

    I like it. This one has clean lines and is definitely subtle enough for Spring.

  3. Michelle

    Lizzy, you will be happy to know that I am finally going to consign my short, black trench coat! Your very affordable ZARA suggestion will be my replacement Spring coat. Thanks for the tip!

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