Wedding Season Prep

Apr 10, 2012 | Fashion | 0 comments








Ever notice that anytime you need a specific item for a specific event, you’re bound to come up either disappointed or empty handed. This shopping trend (where pieces are purchased on an as-needed basis) is known as mission oriented and, most unfortunately, it doesn’t work. To combat this retail black hole, I urge clients to always be in window shopping mode, and there are two times of year when this is most important: leading up to Christmas and leading up to wedding season, which for the former, is now.

Every woman should have a few semi and formal dresses hanging in her closet to cover special events. I purchased the black sequin Tibi dress (at left) for a wedding I have 4 months from now because I know that waiting for the invitation to arrive is waiting too long.

At any given time, I am on the lookout for specific items for my clients. At present, I am scouting an edgy yet everyday pair of booties for one and a gold flat sandal for another. If you don’t have the time or patience to stay current on all available merchandise and know you have wardrobe gaps heading into this busy season, this is what I’m here for.



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