Working With A Fashion Stylist- What Are You Waiting For?

Dec 28, 2011 | Fashion | 0 comments

If I had a dollar for every time someone confessed that they want to work with a Fashion Stylist and ‘have been meaning to call me but…’, I’d be well on my financial way to a Birkin bag.* I have a growing list of almost clients, women who I know want the help but aren’t quite ready to pick up the phone. And I completely understand their hesitation. Working with me is never just about changing the clothes, and while some clients prefer to gently ease into the transition slowly and over time, it is still a commitment to change. And change can be overwhelming at best, paralyzing at worst. But as we approach the new year and make those silent promises to ourselves to try and be better, consider taking the first step with me.


*Full disclosure- I’m not sure I’d buy a Birkin even if I could afford it, as there’s a disappointing element of where do I go now once the penultimate level of anything is reached or attained. But they sure are pretty!!


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