Where Surface Meets Substance

Jun 17, 2016 | Fashion | 0 comments



When I moved here from New York City in 2009, Boulder hadn’t yet distinguished itself in print as the ‘worst dressed’, but the evidence was mounting with Crocs headquarters and boutiques devoted exclusively to Burning Man. I certainly had an inkling that my stilettos would be an outlier among all the fleece. The reasons I chose Boulder (300+ days of sunshine illuminating a highly educated, liberal-leaning, health + fitness conscious, dog-loving, spiritually-minded, fabulous food-appreciating population) surpassed the stereotypical look of its people; Moreover, by launching a business in fashion + interior design and committing to a career in style, I doubled down on my position that beauty and character are not mutually exclusive- that is to say, loving fashion can easily co-exist with all the internal work we do spiritually, emotionally, existentially, consciously; and more, it should co-exist.

In my 6 years at Mile High Style, I’ve worked with hundreds of women and, like most humans, we’re all unique individuals and also very much the same. Some of my clients truly enjoy fashion and find real catharsis in this particular method of self-expression; others grin and bear it accepting that their personal and/or professional goals are best achieved by presenting a certain way. Others are looking to break the cycle of constantly shopping yet having nothing to wear. In their work as mothers and wives, doctors and engineers, leaders in the community and volunteers, those who stay at home to those who run a business, they believe that style is one wonderful part of our messy, complicated, beautiful whole. It’s where surface meets substance.


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