You Get What You Pay For

Jan 8, 2014 | Fashion, Most Popular Posts | 1 comment

Liz01Without a doubt, the least enjoyable part of an otherwise totally kick-ass job, is telling clients that they need to be spending more money on their clothes, shoes, accessories. It seems to be part of the human experience to have hang ups about money; we all do. It also seems nearly universal to want to get the most for the least, and I am no exception to this preference. At different times, I’ve procured for clients, friends and myself $1500-$2000 handbags, nearly brand new, for $300-$400 from my favorite consignment store, Common Threads. When at all possible, I prefer to buy things very gently used and very deeply discounted. But that’s not always possible. A finite amount of merchandise at any given time does not always permit the possibility for these incredible steals.

As much as my services cater to styling my clients, they also cater to educating them. I want you to know what’s overpriced (Ralph Lauren), what stores provide outstanding customer service (Chelsea in Boulder), what accessories are really worth the splurge (shoes), what are the best items to buy at consignment (bags), where you can save (costume jewelry) and where you should not. So when I tell you and my clients that they need to be spending more money (in relation to what they have available to spend), please believe that I know what I’m talking about.

I speak more about this issue here. And keep this in mind when you’re considering the upgrades: I’ve never, personally and in my business, known anyone to regret spending more.


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  1. Lynsey

    Agreed – it’s definitely worth investing in the right pieces. Your wardrobe expresses so much about who you are! Why skimp?

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